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Hiya!  I'm Claudia, the maker behind Frida.Smallo Designs. 

Thank you for stopping by my lil shop of all things handmade! 

My goal is to create pieces unique enough to enhance your natural shine and uniqueness. Each piece is hand made and ​I believe that the fact that they pass through my hands with care, its as though I am connected with you. Which in turn feeds my desire to create unique pieces that not only make you feel like beautiful being that you are but to tug on your heart strings and make your heart pitter patter through pieces that say everything I feel. 

I started this business as another avenue to channel my art and feelings. But I didn't want to just create to create, I wanted to create to be able to share and spread the beauty that is art. What better way than to create miniature pieces of art that you can carry with you everyday. My greatest inspiration is music and nature. Follow along and you'll see how I've incorporated music into my work. When I am working on detailed pieces, I like to tune into nature - stand in one spot in the forest and you will see a million different walks of life, from animals to sediment. There is so much to feel and my hope is to bring a fraction of that to my work. 

I could not be more grateful for the love and support from all of you. I hope my pieces bring as much warmth to you as the world brings to me. 


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